last minute valentine’s day gifts that don’t suck

Instead of viewing Valentine’s Day as a day centred around folks in lovey-dovey relationships, I aim to celebrate love. Whether that’s love for my friends, my family, or even myself, it’s a day to put those we love and cherish first. And what better way to love and cherish is there than to buy gifts — am I right or am I right?

This year I’m taking the high road instead of being down in the dumps and I’m putting myself first. And that means I’m indulging in all things self-love in every single sense of it (if you catch my drift!) Keep reading for my list of Valentine’s Day gifts that you’ll actually be excited to give and get!

Roots Gender Free One love hoodie + sweatpants

Nothing says self-love like a comfy sweat set. These hot pink, genderless sweats from heritage brand Roots are gorgeous and uplifting. Plus they’ll have you feeling all the cozy cocoon vibes.

Victoria’s Secret Shine Strap Lace Push-Up Bra

Regardless of your relationship status, a sexy bra is an amazing boost (literally!) This one from iconic Victoria’s Secret comes in a variety of colours but my pick is hot pink because, well, why not?!

Gee Beauty Liquid Glow

Looking to achieve a gorgeous glow? Then it’s Liquid Glow from Gee Beauty that you need. This fluid highlighter gives instant luminosity to the skin and it’s never glittery or shimmery. Apply on top of your makeup or even mix it with your foundation for an even glowier glow!

Summer Friday’s Lip Butter Balm

Is there anything sexier than a glossy, plump pout? I didn’t think so. Summer Fridays’ Lip Butter Balm gives the lips a stunning sheen but the formula is hydrating and nourishing. It’s an instant win-win. While I adore all the shades, Poppy would be my recco for V-Day thanks to its vibrant hue.

Goop Double-Sided Wand Vibrator

I said self-love, didn’t I? This vibrator has been constantly selling out for good reason. As it says in the name, it’s double-sided and even offers eight pulsating patterns that vary in intensity. Combined, that equals a total of sixty-four vibrational settings to play with so if you cancel your plans to stay in with your new friend, I’m not judging.

Oscary Wylee Gaby in Champagne Sunglasses

We’ve just made it out of what felt like 40 days and nights of gloom so if you need a new pair of sunnies to re-acclimate yourself to the sun, these are for you. Cat-eye sunglasses are my go-to because they are flattering on every face shape and they give you a badass don’t-fuck-with-me vibe that, let’s be real, we all could use more of!

Diptyque TUBÉREUSE Candle

For me, self-love always involves sparking a bougie candle and this tubéreuse one from Diptyque is fit for the occasion. Filled with a heady floral scent and cased in this stunning red enamelled porcelain jar, it’s the perfect V-Day gift for sure.


It wouldn’t be a holiday without good food and self-love definitely involves PASTA! These ravioli from Pusateri’s are the cutest things I’ve ever seen and since it’s Pusateri’s you know they’re going to be good!

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