My Tips For Re-Discovering Routine

Routines are funny things because as humans, structure helps us thrive but we demonize monotony. We long for action, spontaneity, and excitement but the beauty of our everyday routines is somehow overlooked as a loophole if you will.

I’ve spoken to a few people about this and the thing about their routines is that it builds the habits they’re longing to commit to in the long haul. They say if you do something for 21 days straight, it becomes a habit and second nature. You may be wondering what side I’m on and while I do have a few practices I enjoy in the mornings + evenings, I’m not married to them and no, my day wouldn’t be ‘ruined’ if I skipped one. That’s the necessary balance.

While on my break from writing and self-publishing, I’ve deeply noticed within myself what my life looks like when I feel my best. Am I more organized? Am I working out more? Am I eating right and often enough? If ever I felt unbalanced or that something was lacking, I’d look inward and reflect on if I needed to actively add in some extra structure. Similar to when we were children and our parents forced us to go to bed early or finish our plate of veggies, I needed to do some self-parenting and tell myself the difficult things like, “We have food at home.”

To wrap up this intro, I’m sharing the ways I’ve rediscovered my routine and how I add some extra balance, care, and compassion into my daily life in the hope it could be something you need yourself.

Find a workout you love

Movement of any kind is super beneficial, we all know this, but it’s all about fitness for the mental aspect, not the physical. Getting ‘fit’ and toned is great but my mental outlook is far stronger after a workout. Finding a workout or fitness routine that speaks to you is crucial because if you don’t love it, you won’t do it. For me, I’m basically always at Barry’s Bootcamp and I’m stoked for the new Sweat and Tonic location coming to The Well this fall. Not down to join a gym or spend the money? Got you. Long walks can do so much for the soul and there are SO many free workouts available online.

Eat with intention

No, I’m not telling you to diet. What I am saying is to ensure you’re eating regularly and preferably most of the right stuff. Protein, veg and some starches are what our bodies need to properly thrive and keep us energized all day long. I’m no dietician or nutrition expert (no kidding!) but I try to eat at the proper times of day (morning, noon-ish, and evening) to stave off any late-night hunger pangs.

Set an alarm

One of my favourite habits I’ve picked up in the last couple years is to become an early-riser. I’m usually up by 7:30 AM everyday (even weekends) but there are some days my body is naturally awake at 5:30 AM. Even though it’s tough to get up and going at that time, it gives me the me-time before I start my work day. I can enjoy my coffee, do my Wordle, workout, shower, and sometimes even throw in a load of laundry before my 9 AM start time. It helps start your day off on a productive note and feels so gratifying.

Take notes

If I’m being honest, my mental health took a bit of a wild ride over the last few months, and one thing that helped bring me back was keeping track of things I was proud of. Just in my Notes app, I kept track of one thing everyday that I was proud of myself for. No matter how big or small, it gave me the sense of internal pride that I felt that I was missing and gave me more of a reason to walk with my head held just a bit higher.

Keep tidy

Feeling like life is getting out of control? Well, one thing you can certainly control is the space around you and the shape it’s in. Giving your room or apartment a 20-minute tidy can make such a difference. Listen, I’m not perfect and no, my space isn’t immaculate at this moment in time but I know that I always feel much more centred and balanced after giving it a quick tidy.

I hope that wherever you are, when you’re reading this you feel less like you need to have it together all the time. We are all moving through life at different speeds and life looks so different for all of us. You’re doing your best, you’re doing just fine and everyday is a new opportunity.

xx B

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