going my own way

It’s no secret that there have been far too many ‘unknowns’ for us to handle in the past almost two years. Even in the pre-pandemic era, there were still many choices and decisions to make but with everything else added on top, even deciding what to eat for dinner is enough to push one over the metaphorical edge. However, sometimes it’s better not to think so much, and to just, well, do.

You may be wondering what I’m doing here, I’ve often wondered that myself. After years of working for multiple publications, I’m finally ready to dedicate myself to my own. In a world filled with bloggers, influencers, Tiktokers, Youtubers, and everything else in between, I’m here creating whatever ‘this’ is. I have endless respect for other creators, many of whom are close friends I’ve met over the years but I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Not a creator or digital storyteller.

Of course, I could just continue working at other websites and continue to freelance, that would be just fine. But don’t you ever want something to be yours? To be able to call something your very own?

Now, if you’re plugged into the media landscape, you likely know that print is certainly not what it used to be. My dream growing up was to be a magazine editor and, like any good millennial, I’ve adapted to suit the times. And that’s exactly what BLAIRALEX is. My adaptation.

This is the place where I’ll not only share the happenings in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and wellness industries but also where I can write and share my thoughts, experiences and my mind. It’s my hope that this will not only be a refuge for me but also for the reader and community.

I’m thrilled to be on this newfound road and even more to have you along for the ride.

xx B

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