winter 2022’s best new beauty launches

While 2022 is starting out a lot like the end of 2021, one thing that sets it apart is the slew of new beauty launches we have to keep ourselves occupied with. At this point, it really is all about the little things in life! Because we’re (again) going to be spending more time indoors than we’d like, that means it’s the perfect time to experiment with new skincare, makeup, and beauty products.

Summer Fridays light aura + PEPTIDE EYE CREAM

Is there anything that Summer Fridays can’t excel at? The short answer is no. The skincare brand’s newest product is a brightening eye cream and yes, it’s cause to get excited over. Formulated with a gorgeous peptide blend and Vitamin C that illuminates and helps achieve a firmer and smoother appearance. What more could you want?

JVN Hair Complete Nourishing shine drops

Can you believe?! Queer Eye’s own Jonathan Van Ness has blessed us all with hair products that are clean and formulated with hemisqualane, derived from sustainable sugarcane that delivers serious moisture and contributes to overall hair health. A standout product from the brand are the Nourishing Shine Drops that will make your hair silky, smooth, and protected from frizz.

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation

If there’s anyone who can help you achieve a flawless base, it’s Charlotte Tilbury and her new Beautiful Skin Foundation does just that. A gorgeous blend of coverage mixed with skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid for extra hydration, the breathable formula will allow your natural skin to shine through. Compared to other CT foundations, it has incredible staying power but be sure to blend, blend, blend right away as it dries down quickly.

Fresh Floral Floral Recovery Calming Mask

It’s safe to say we could all use some calm in our lives, especially these days. Enter the brand new Fresh Floral Recovery Calming Mask that does all the heavy lifting while you catch your zzz’s. This overnight mask has a cocoon-like formula that contains properties from four flowers that help to balance, brighten and hydrate our burnt-out and tired-looking post-holiday complexions.

Amika 3D Daily Leave-In Hair Thickening Treatment

Say adios to dull, flat hair because Amika has a new product that’s about to lift your spirits and your locks. A few quick spritzes of the brand’s new thickening treatment prior to blow drying or air drying will give you hair that looks thicker and fuller without a weird sticky or greasy feeling. Used together with the Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner, your hair will be volumized to high heavens!

Agent Nateur holi (bright) resurface glass face mask

You’re not alone if your skin is looking a bit more on the dull side. Between lockdown life and the stresses of, well, regular life, it shows on our skin but not anymore. The Holi (Bright) Face Mask from Agent Nateur just hit shelves and it brightens and renews the skin, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. After just 15 minutes, you’ll be wowed by the just-got-a-facial results.

Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara

Sick of having to choose between a curling and volumizing mascara? Those days are over because Maybelline’s new mascara is turning up the volume while giving you thick lashes that barely need to be touched by a lash curler. One swift motion works quickly to separate and fan out your lashes while also giving them a major curl.

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