The Newest & most convenient Food Delivery Services To Try

Food delivery services have been around for a while now and thanks to the pandemmy, they’ve skyrocketed in popularity. Whether you’re too busy to do some mid-day shopping or don’t feel comfortable in a long checkout line, these services are huge timesavers and are crazy convenient. If you’re a food delivery aficionado, you likely have your faves but I’m here to share with you some new platforms that are new on the scene and deserve a shout-out. Plus, some on this list are free of delivery fees and offer delivery in just 10 minutes!

So whether you’re looking to order-in an Italian feast, or are short one item for meal prep, take a peek at this list of convenient delivery services to try here in TO!


Coming to you from the legendary team behind TO faves Terroni, Sud Forno and Spaccio is Porta, Ontario’s first Italian meal delivery service. Delivering province-wide, Porta is blessing us with handmade, ready-to-cook Italian faves that are delivered right to your door. Plus, with no minimum order, no delivery fees on orders $9.99 and over, and quality pastas, pizzas, and desserts to choose from, you’ll be living la dolce vita without having to travel. Even better? You can schedule deliveries thanks to Porta’s subscription service which offers three delivery frequency options: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


Always unimpressed with the long wait or delivery windows from your basic grocery delivery apps? Well, thanks to Tiggy, you can have groceries and other essentials, like the hard-to-find rapid COVID tests delivered in as little as 15 minutes. The app is available in Toronto and Vancouver and thanks to their ‘dark stores’ or micro fulfillment centres, like the one at Queen & Richmond with another opening at St Clair Ave. W. & Dufferin St. soon, Tiggy will deliver to customers living within a 2-mile radius of each location.



Coming to us from one of the co-founders of Ritual is GoodGood, a new instant delivery and retail concept that specializes in curated items, hard-to-find favourites, and specialty snacks. The service launched in December and after testing it out myself, I’m super impressed with the speed of delivery and brands available like Barbet, Honey’s Ice Cream, Mid-Day Squares, Mumgry, Smart Sweets, and many more. Did I mention you can have local beer and wine delivered too?


Open until 2 a.m. to satisfy late-night cravings is Ninja, another new-on-the-scene Toronto delivery service. Boasted as Canada’s first instant delivery app, Ninja lives up to its name and promises contactless delivery in just 10 minutes. How? It’s all thanks to the app’s proprietary technology that chooses product selection, its micro-fulfillment centers, and couriers that route the fastest paths to customers’ addresses. Even better are the zero subscription fees and free delivery over $9.99 and the company’s commitment to sustainability through their use of e-bikes and recycled paper bags that lead to reduced waste.

Kitchen Hub

Pre-COVID, ordering takeout used to be a special treat but nowadays, it’s a regular occurrence. Kitchen Hub, the first virtual food hall or ghost kitchen became a lifeline for restaurants during our numerous lockdowns. The concept is that it houses meals from the hottest local restaurants under one roof in one easy delivery or for pick up. Restaurants available range from Piano Piano, Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen, Pai, Impact Kitchen, and so many more.

Featured Image: GoodGood

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