Ultimate self-love valentine’s day gift guide

I have to admit that I’ve never been a real fan of Valentine’s Day. Of course, I fully support all things self-love and sharing your love for others on a daily basis but to me, V Day simply feels disingenuous. Shouldn’t we be loving ourselves and others hard every day and not just “extra” on one day of the year? Plus, there’s the added salt to the wound if you’re single. But that’s a whole other can of worms we don’t need to open up today.

I’ve come to my own realizations with Valentine’s Day as a day to treat myself because if I were in a relationship, the odds would be that I’d be treating someone else whether it’s the lingerie I would buy, dinner I’d make, or other, let’s just call them ‘gifts’. Just because I’m single does that mean I should overlook myself? I don’t think so. You might not agree, and that’s fine but I’ll be over here spoiling myself for the day and I highly encourage you to take part because it feels AWESOME.

Take a peek below at some of my self-love, self-care suggestions that you might consider treating yourself to this Valentine’s Day, or anyday really.

Order In

Of course, you can Uber Eats your dinner any night of the week but this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a proper meal with actual courses from your fave resto. Even though indoor dining is back (!!!), it’s not my personal choice to dine out alone surrounded by couples but by all means, go for it if that’s your vibe. Toronto’s Marben always brings it with their special occasion meal kits and this V Day is no exception. This year’s feast includes four courses and is a totally rad ’80s-themed spread that features updated versions of retro faves like Lunchables, Beef Stroganoff, and Waldorf Salad to name a few.

facial night

The day after my Fire & Ice Facial at MBD, the glow is real!

If you have a variety of skincare products laying around, it’s a great idea to create your own at-home facial night. Slather on a combo of face masks, break out the beauty tools and treat yourself. It may seem small but the time and effort you put in for yourself will really give you a boost. Want to let a pro do the heavy lifting? In a city like Toronto, there are endless places to book in for a treatment. A great option for a gorgeous glow is My Beauty Doctor’s Fire & Ice Facial that’s well-loved by celebs.

Book a mani

Photo: @blairalex

You know I’m a slave to my gel manis at Tips Nail Bar here in TO so obviously a manicure had to make this list. Of course, any place you love is perfectly fine with me but if you don’t have a go-to nail studio, Tips is my fave. Whether you’re after a simple no-frills gel mani or are dreaming of decked-out digits with the latest nail art trend, this is the place. Nail care and prep take priority and the team is so warm and friendly so you’ll be in great hands — literally!

Indulge in a massage

If facials and manicures aren’t your thing, a truly relaxing and soul-renewing massage is the way to go. It doesn’t matter if you book in at a luxe spa or not, anything that gets you chilled out and feeling pampered is what it’s all about. One of my fave spots is King West’s Touch Massage Bar. They offer a variety of different options including seated foot rubs and quickies for when you’re short on time, plus it feels like you’ve escaped to Tulum once you step inside. Don’t skip the Lymphatic Drainage massage either — it’s life-changing!

Spark a new candle

Photo: Boy Smells

It may be a small and simple act, but lighting a new candle and enveloping yourself in a gorgeous scent feels so wonderful. There’s something about that warm glow that feels so calming and comforting and if that isn’t self-love, I don’t know what is. Of course, you can light any old candle you have but to make it special, a luxe candle with a scent that permeates the whole room is what I’m talking about. My current fave is Polyamberous from Boy Smells. It’s spicy, warm, and the golden glow of the canister is so stunning even just on its own.

splurge on a solo staycation

To take your self-love V day to a whole new level, treat yourself to a staycation at a luxe hotel for a night or even a few days. There’s nothing better than cozying up in a fluffy robe, indulging in a warm bath, and ordering room service like the “it girl” that you are. These days, many hotels have packages just for staycations so it’s never been easier. My suggestion on where to go? Check in at the oh-so-popular 1 Hotel Toronto and live it up with their special staycation packages that include in-room dining, massage services, and even a couples meditation and energy session. You’ll leave your hotel bubble feeling revitalized and ready to rejoin society!

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